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i figured that rather than spouting off in a lengthy comment, i'd spout about Juri in the Juri comm. it's handy for things like that, yes it is.

today we've been graced with further evidence that Juri is, indeed, a superhuman beautiful mermaid with coral-hair and cat ears.

i really can't decide whether i like the goldie-locks or the candy floss better. forget shakira, she looks like Quistis in the first pic. except with messed-up ringlets, which leads me to believe Quistis was involved in a kinky fairy tale re-enactment until she was rudely interruped by Squall shoving her into a pool of honey. at which point she dragged herself out, looking bedraggled in that really sexy way, and skinned Cait Sith to wear his ears. he was just a toy anyways, so there were no hard feelings.

so yeah, i just decided that the pink reminds me of cream-soda candy canes, the kind that fizz in your mouth, so it's even lovelier than the gold. ^_^

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