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Konnichiwa. I'm Pastor Kayla of this Juriism temple.

This is the revamped version of juriism! Well, not exactly, but I finally changed the maintainer, since I switched usernames, and I've decided to uplift the community and make everyone post in it again. ^^;

Get out of your walk-in closet Juri shrines, and come join the fun and randomness of worshiping Juri together! *beckons*

Here, we dedicate our lives and time for worshipping the beautiful goddess, Juri. Reasons why we do are unexplainable, for she is the greatest being to ever grace this universe, so no one can put her awesomeness into words.

Please join. If you don't, I pity you. Missing out on this chock-full of Juri-ness is horrible.

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